The Camelot .NET Connector is based on ADO.NET, a managed API for the .NET Framework to access and modify data commonly stored in relation database systems. One of the advantages using ADO.NET is the ability to work with decoupled data using the built-in DataSet and DataTable classes. The Connector comprises several classes that are used to connect to the database, execute queries and statements, and manage query results.

The following are the major classes of the Connector:

  • SharePointConnection: Represents a connection to a SharePoint server.
  • SharePointCommand: Represents an SQL statement to execute against a SharePoint server.
  • SharePointParameter: Represents a named parameter with an associated value that are used with SharePointCommand's to safely handle user provided data in SQL queries.
  • SharePointDataReader: Provides forward-only reading of data rows returned from a SharePoint server.
  • SharePointDataAdapter: Represents a set of methods that are used to load data into a DataSet or a DataTable.
  • SharePointConnectorException: Represents an exception thrown when a command or server error occurs in the Connector.
  • SharePointFactory: Represents a set of methods used to create instances of classes implemented by Connector in the ADO.NET architecture.

In the following sections, you will learn the basic methods used to query with the Connector.

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