License files

The Camelot .NET Connector is a licensed software, thus requiring a valid license file on the computer where it is installed. The default license file, when installed by the Camelot License Key Manager, is stored in the computer's ProgramData\BendSoft\ as license_signed.xml.

Introduced with the Camelot .NET Connector 3.5, the license file can be provided directly via code. This improves interoperability on some platforms and also simplifies deployment of distributed software.

Note! Bendsoft provides redistributable licenses on demand. Please contact us through our website if you are interested in building redistributable software based on the Camelot .NET Connector.

The following examples shows how to provide your license key using code.

Provide the file location of the license file.


Provide the raw XML content of the license file. This allows you to bundle the license file in your application.


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