Also read the SQL statement syntax on SHOW COLUMNS

NameData TypeDescription
ID GUID Internal column GUID
Name String Internal column name. This name never changes after column has been created.
DecodedName String Internal column name XML decoded
DisplayName String The column display title as shown in SharePoint
Type String The column type. Some of the possible types are:
  • Guid (Guid)
  • Text, Note, URL, ContentTypeId, Computed (String)
  • Choice (String)
  • MultiChoice (String[])
  • Boolean, Attachments, CrossProjectLink, Recurrence, AlldayEvent (Boolean)
  • DateTime (DateTime)
  • Integer, Counter, ModStat (Int32)
  • User, Lookup (Int32)
  • UserMulti, LookupMulti (Int32[])
  • Number, Currency (Double)
  • Calculated (Object)
  • BusinessData (String)
MaxLength Integer For text columns, the maximum allowed length of column content
Required Boolean Indicates if this column is required, thus cannot be empty (NULL)
ReadOnly Boolean Indicates if the column can be updated
PrimaryKey Boolean Indicates if the column is the primary key of the list. This is typically the ID column.
Min Double For numerics, the minimum allowed value
Max Double For numerics, the maximum allowed value
Decimals Double For numerics, the number if decimal places
Percentage Boolean For numerics, indicates if column represents a percentage value
EnumValues String For MultiChoice columns, indicates possible values for the column, e.g. [Apple][Pear][Orange]
Format String For Date columns, indicates the date/time format. Possbile values are:
  • DateOnly
  • DateTime
  • ISO8601
  • ISO8601Basic
For Choice columns, indicates the editing style and can be set to:
  • DropDown (default)
  • RadioButtons
For URL columns, indicates the link style and can be set to:
  • Hyperlink (default)
  • Image
ResultType String For Calculated columns, specifies the data type of values returned
List String For Lookup columns, specifies the internal name of a list
ShowField String For lookup columns, specifies the internal name of a foreign column to display
RichText Boolean For Note columns, indicates if RichText formatting is allowed
RichTextMode String For Note columns, can be set to FullHtml
VisibleInView Boolean Indicates if the column is visible in the given view
AppendOnly Boolean Indicates if values are automatically appended to the column on UPDATE
AuthoringInfo String Provides a descriptive text that can be used to clarify the purpose of the column
Aggregation String Indicates the aggregation of value in the column
Div Double For numerics, indicates the scale factor before displaying numbers
FieldRef String For Lookup columns, specifies the name of an internal field to which the field refers
FillInChoice Boolean For Choice columns, indicates if users can fill in values
HTMLEncode Boolean Indicates true if text is HTML encoded in this column
Mult Boolean For numerics, indicates the multiplication before displaying numbers
NegativeFormat String For numerics, indicates how negative values are indicates and can be:
  • MinusSign
  • Parens (surround with parenthesis)
NumLines Integer Indicates the number of lines to display in edit mode
Filterable Boolean Indicates if column can be filtered, i.e. can be used in WHERE clause
Sortable Boolean Indicates if column is sortable, i.e. can be used in ORDER BY clause
LCID Integer Indicates the region format
Description String Column description
Group String Specifies the column group to which column belongs
SystemInstance String Businessdata property
Entity String Businessdata property
BdcField String Businessdata property
SecondaryFieldBdcNames String Businessdata property
RelatedField String Businessdata property
Default String Default value of the column

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