CamelotSql Commands

CamelotSql assumes that SQL statements are placed first terminated with ";" and then followed by any other execution options.

To list all available commands and options, type help or ?.

camelotsql> ?

List of all CamelotSql commands:
Note that all sql commands (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, etc) must be first on line and end with ";"

?                   Synonym for 'help'.
clear               Clear window and reset cursor position.
cls                 Synonym for 'clear'.
config              Show stored connections.
connect             Connect to server using named connection or with specified options. Type
                    'help connect' for details.
                        'connect myconnection'
                        'connect -server -user foo -password -bar'
delete              Delete connection from configuration.
                        'delete myconnection'
exit                Same as quit.
help                Displays this help.
pager               Set default page size or disable/enable pager.
                        'pager 20'
                        'pager off'
quit                Quit CamelotSql.
save                Save named connection with specified options. Type 'help save' for details.

For sql execution options, type 'help options'.

  • help, ? [command]
    Displays the general help message or help for a specific command.
  • clear, cls
    Clear the window from messages.
  • exit, quit
    Closes any open connection and quits CamelotSql.
  • pager (count | on | off)
    Sets page size or enables/disables paging. Paging is only active when output is the console window.
  • config
    Shows registered named connections that have been previously stored using the save command. Connections are stored as connection strings in either the CamelotSql configuration file (camelotsql.config) or globally in the computers machine.config. You should be aware of that all connection options including password is stored in clear text in the configuration files.
  • save connectionname [args]
    Saves a named connection to the application configuration or globally on the machine if the -m option is specified. You must provide a connection name followed by your connection string options. You can specify any connection string options made available by the Camelot .NET Connector, see connection string options.

    You may require to run CamelotSql as administrator to save the connection. This is almost always true if you save to the machine.config using the -m option.

    Each connection string option should follow the syntax -<optionname> optionvalue as shown in the following example.

    camelotsql> save mysharepoint -server -user foo -password bar -timeout 60
    Saved connection mysharepoint..

  • delete connectionname
    Deletes a previous stored connection from the configuration.
  • connect (connectionname | args)
    Connects to a named connection or using specified connection string options. When you connect with connection string options, you can use any options supported by the Camelot .NET Connector, see connection string options.

    camelotsql> connect mysharepoint
    Connected to mysharepoint..

    Each connection string option should follow the syntax -<optionname> optionvalue as shown in the following example.

    camelotsql> connect -server -user foo -password bar -timeout 60
    Connected to

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